Today is our princess birthday. All little girls birthday wish is to have a pony pet. Finally, today our princess birthday wish come true. She saw a flying gift box through the window over to her. Oh my god, that is a big surprise. What is in the box? Tap to open. You can’t imagine what it is inside. It is a pony, a little cute pink pony. Now our princess has a pony pet. Let’s start to help our princess take care of her See you in Bear Hug Rainbow Pony Makeover… Product Features: -A magic pony story to highlight your birthday wish -Customize your dream pony exactly as you like -Bathe your pony till she’s sparkling and clean -Give your pony a rainbow style makeover -Dye your pony to any skin color as you like -Dressup your pony to the princess pet style -Tons of fashion rainbow hairstyle for your pony -Photo booth fun with your cute pony pet friend And so much more! Come on and join us to Bear Hug Rainbow Pony Makeover.
Choose pony games and stylish princess ponies Bathe Pony till she s sparkling and clean Care for your injured pony with special pony tools Dress up style your pony in the trendiest outfits accessories Feed your princess pony yummy tr